Why choose us?

What differentiates us from others? After all, all plastic cups are the same. After all, you can use organic disposable glasses or buy a thinner and cheaper glass.

We have focused everything on quality
- The glass must be perceived as a real reusable glass if you want it to be returned to you and therefore without forcing you to collect them at the end of the event. (Eliminating cleaning costs)
- If you decide to sell the glasses at the event, using them as an additional source of revenue, they must be thick and produced with excellent materials, otherwise the customer does not perceive the Cost/Benefit ratio
Because of this...
- We maintain high thicknesses for the production of glasses -
We use raw materials of European origin -
We produce only in Italy
- We always check the stability of the logo
- We test the glasses with different dishwashers to guarantee their constant transparency
We also provide a constant Customer care service for any type of information and problem

In 20 years, by producing reusable glasses instead of disposable ones, we have saved the planet 2,070,000 kg of CO2 Reusable cups are also used for years, thus reducing the number of cups in circulation

We have saved all our customers 6.9 million euros in 20 years of activity (calculating throwing away 3 single-use glasses for every reusable glass)

Bicchieri di vetro rotti

We have solved the problem of broken glass glasses, thus making discos, beaches, events and demonstrations safe.

cocktail bar con amici

Use the glasses in your bar, nightclub, beach or poolside and you will be able to guarantee impeccable service, using and washing the glasses for months or even years

cerimonia matrimonio con i bicchieri riutilizzabili

For your private parties or ceremonies. Reusable cups are really as beautiful as glass ones and reduce the risk of accidental breakage. They won't make you look bad and have nothing to do with the quality of disposable cups

Bicchieri di vetro rotti

Our cups are beautiful and indistinguishable from glass ones, and ensure maximum safety in all environments where glass cannot be used and/or single use is preferred to be avoided for quality reasons