Bar equipment

Wide range of plastic equipment, supplies and accessories for bars, pubs, clubs and events.

In this category you can purchase the professional accessories and equipment essential for bar service.

From coffee shop items to professional bartending products, necessary for daily work on the bar counter.

Bar equipment


  • Napkin Holders

    Single-sided or double-sided napkin holders for bars and cafes. The napkin holders in large and small sizes, practical and indispensable in every bar both on the table and on the counter.

  • Sugar Holders

    Sugar bowls and sachet holders  

    Online shop of sugar holders perfect for bars and cafes. The sale is concentrated on two coffee table models and one model for the bar counter

    Sugar holders and sugar sachet holders at affordable prices

  • Change Giver

    Direct sale of change givers for bars, pharmacies, shops.

    You can purchase the change giver (pocket emptier) and insert the graphics with your logo. You can thus directly customize the change giver.

  • Trays

    Non-slip plastic trays for premises, restaurants and catering.

    The non-slip plastic trays, practical to use and with a pleasant aesthetic, are ideal for serving with practicality and style.

    Oval and round models, provided with a non-slip “Soft Touch” finish to ensure safe and problem-free service, making them perfect for daily work in bars, pubs, nightclubs but also during special events.

  • Dishes

    Washable and reusable dishes

    The 23×23 cm polypropylene plates, resistant and safe but at the same time elegant and versatile.

    They are truly one of a kind, perfect for serving during your aperitifs and happy hours, during parties, events, catering services.

  • Cutlery

    Reusable plastic cutlery

    To replace single-use plastic cutlery (which is now banned), we have produced the reusable knife and fork.

    Convenient for events, parties, events, camping or swimming pools, they are thick to ensure excellent functionality and can be washed in the dishwasher for months

  • Bar Tools

    Professional bar equipment and supplies: from rubber Bar Mats to Bar organizers and also shovels, pestles, ice

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