• Plastic glasses

    If you're looking for reusable plastic cups, Sky Glass is the place to be!

    We have the widest range of washable and reusable plastic cups on the market, which can be personalized with your logo, suitable for any type of drink, from cocktails to beer, from water to coffee, from juices to cold and hot drinks

    They are characterized by high thicknesses and very high quality raw materials. All produced strictly in Italy

    All this to ensure true long-term durability, minimizing scratches and breakages and not fearing cloudiness in the dishwasher

    Our plastic glasses range from the smallest shot sizes to extra large sizes for maxi cocktails

    Take a look at our products and choose the right ones for you!

  • Bar equipment

    Wide range of plastic equipment, supplies and accessories for bars, pubs, clubs and events.

    In this category you can purchase the professional accessories and equipment essential for bar service.

    From coffee shop items to professional bartending products, necessary for daily work on the bar counter.

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