Plastic glasses

If you're looking for reusable plastic cups, Sky Glass is the place to be!

We have the widest range of washable and reusable plastic cups on the market, which can be personalized with your logo, suitable for any type of drink, from cocktails to beer, from water to coffee, from juices to cold and hot drinks

They are characterized by high thicknesses and very high quality raw materials. All produced strictly in Italy

All this to ensure true long-term durability, minimizing scratches and breakages and not fearing cloudiness in the dishwasher

Our plastic glasses range from the smallest shot sizes to extra large sizes for maxi cocktails

Take a look at our products and choose the right ones for you!

Plastic glasses


  • Custom glasses

    Plastic cups customized with your logo.

    We offer the widest range on the web of personalized plastic cups of all sizes and shapes, from extra large to shots.

    We have plastic glasses for beer, cocktails, cups for hot drinks, coffee, spirits and water.

    Our production includes glasses in transparent rigid plastic, such as polycarbonate or polypropylene.

    We are able to customize all our products with our customers' company logo.

    For personalized glasses, the delivery time is approximately 25 days.

    In case of emergency, contact us. We always try to do what we can.

  • Glasses for Events

    Reusable and personalized plastic cups for events and events

    The reusable rigid plastic cups are perfect for enjoying cocktails and beer during outdoor events and events.

    They are hard and durable, so they will not deform when crushed.

    They can be customized with your company logo.

    Furthermore, you can give customers the glasses in exchange for a deposit which will then be returned, thus avoiding having to collect the glasses at the end of the event.

  • Cups for Short&Long...

    Plastic glasses for Cocktails, glasses for Long & Short drinks

    Plastic glasses suitable for all the needs of cocktail bars, discos, events, private parties, parties, for any type of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink. They completely replace glass. They can be used for years

    Rigid and beautiful like glass cups, they differ from disposable cups in terms of quality and durability.

    Customization is done on all models

  • Beer

    Customizable Plastic Beer Glasses

    Unbreakable plastic glasses for: Medium Beer, Small Beer, Imperial Pint.

    They are perfect for serving beer during parties or events in any venue or outdoors where it is necessary or preferable to have a plastic glass.

    The plastic used is perfect for beer as it enhances its color as it is completely transparent and keeps it fresh.

    Personalized beer glasses are perfect for any type of event, demonstration, pubs and pubsmatter! Liven up your interior with our selection of home accessories.

  • Water&Juice

    Plastic cups for water and juice

    Various models of rigid plastic glasses for serving fruit juices, soft drinks, cocktails and water, without giving up the beauty of a glass glass.

    Reusable plastic allows real savings compared to single-use cups.

    They are unbreakable and dishwasher safe without risk of dulling

  • Shot cups

    Liquor, Minidrink & Fingerfood Shot Glasses

    To serve shots and chupitos, rum and pears, we offer plastic glasses, shot glasses, shots, double shots and mini drinks suitable for any type of bar and nightclub. Also perfect as gift gadgets if personalized with the venue's logo.

    Online sales of liqueur glasses and clear plastic shots at cheap prices

    Our plastic minidrink glasses are glasses with a classic and elegant shape. Being of very high transparency, it is a model suitable for different uses: for high-level finger food for small tastings; perfect for serving water and fruit juices in school facilities; to enjoy bitters with ice or digestives during patronal celebrations and association events.

  • The and Coffee

    Glasses and mug for hot drinks

    Plastic cups for hot drinks with a touch of style, easy to handle. And coffee glasses that are exactly the same as glass ones

    Convenient and resistant, our coffee cups and glasses are perfect for serving hot drinks in wellness centers, saunas, spas but also in nursery schools and nurseries.

  • Coppe & Flute

    Martini cup and flute

    The double Martini Cup and the plastic Flute are essential elements for special occasions, or for all those places where glass cannot be used, but you don't want to give up its beauty

    Totally transparent and with high thicknesses, they are produced with the highest quality raw materials to guarantee their durability over time

  • Extra Large

    The perfect replacement for glass or plastic jugs, the plastic glasses used to create maxi cocktails and mojitos for every evening or party.

    We produce them in two capacities: 1.5 liters and 1.8 liters.

    They can also be customized with your logo.

  • Kit and Samples

    Long & Short drinks glass kit (for those who want to purchase a smaller quantity than the standard box) and sample pack to have 5 glasses of various models to be able to verify their quality or identify the correct glass for their needs

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