Granity 30 - Satin
  • Granity 30 - Satin

Granity 30 - Satin

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Pack of 96 pcs

The Granity 30 model is a reusable plastic cup which has the characteristic of having a smaller capacity than the Granity 40, whilst maintaining the same height.

Produced in the satin or transparent version.

Long-lasting, shockproof glass thanks to the particular shatterproof polycarbonate-type plastic, it is perfect for serving drinks and mixed cocktails (gin and tonic, Cuba Libre...)


Those who buy the Granity 30 glass do so because they prefer to have a glass with a lower capacity than the Granity 40 (maintaining the same height)

It should be noted that if the venue serves cocktails shaken directly in the glass (with the Boston Shaker) this model is not very suitable as it has a narrower upper diameter compared to the Granity 40 and tends to slide inside the shaker

The satin version, compared to the transparent one, has the advantage of hiding scratches better for prolonged use (of several months, if not years)


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