Tumbler 30
  • Tumbler 30

Tumbler 30

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Pack of 126 pcs

Reusable Tumbler glass for cocktails

Perfect for serving Mojitos, Long Drinks and Beer without sacrificing the beauty and transparency of glass.

A glass to distinguish your restaurant from others and to guarantee impeccable quality service.

A brand new Tumbler glass for all uses (cocktails, drinks, beer)

High thicknesses and high quality material for this glass that can replace different models. It can in fact be used for Long Drinks and Beer, thus unifying various sizes and sizes in a single glass

Try it and you will see that despite its small capacity, it has a shape that gives a solid and wide grip to allow a discussion-proof service with the customer (who often has the perception that an insufficient quantity of drink is served compared to what paid).

Sold in packs of 126 pcs.

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Customizable with a minimum of 250 pcs


Data sheet

Capacità al bordo
400 ml (40 cl)
Capacità di Servizio
300 ml / 330 ml (30 cl / 33 cl)
Diametro superiore
82 mm
Diametro inferiore
60 mm
70 gr

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