Conic Concerto Frost
  • Conic Concerto Frost
  • Conic Concerto Frost
  • Conic Concerto Frost
  • Conic Concerto Frost

Conic Concerto Frost

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Pack of 450 pcs

Conic Concerto glasses in polypropylene, economical, environmentally friendly.

The quality of the material and the high thicknesses make it perfect for any event or to replace glass where it cannot be used.

Unlike many flexible polypropylene cups on the market, ours doesn't crush, weighs twice as much, doesn't warp when washed in the dishwasher, and can be reused for months, if not years

Conic Concerto glasses in polypropylene material, economical, environmentally friendly. Our 100% reusable and washable plastic cups protect the environment and are perfect for corporations, schools, clubs, catering companies, cultural centers, interest groups, as well as for large outdoor events, concerts, sporting events, performances, weddings, picnics. Make your event green by reducing waste production and adopting a practical and economical solution: the Conic Concerto Glass. Highly stackable, space-saving and perfect for any type of drink: from beer, to cocktails, to juices, they are the first choice in case of crowded places and in case of a limited budget. Our glasses differ from the flexible polypropylene ones found on the market as they have such thicknesses that they cannot be confused with disposable glasses. With a price slightly higher than that of a higher category disposable glass, you can have a reusable glass for months. In the event of events, the glass can be recovered thanks to our RE-GREEN initiative and you will be paid a small incentive that you can use for the next order. Respect and take care of the environment thanks to eco-reusable glasses. Unbreakable, resistant and beautiful that you won't regret glass. For large quantities, request a personalized offer via email Available in the version: Polypropylene (opaque)


  • Vendita solo per confezioni da 450 pezzi
  • Costo per confezione: € 193,50 (iva esclusa)
  • Spese di spedizione escluse (costo variabile a seconda della destinazione e del tipo di spedizione)


Data sheet

Capacità al bordo
400 ml (40 cl)
Capacità di Servizio
300 ml / 330 ml (30 cl / 33 cl)
Diametro superiore
82 mm
Diametro inferiore
60 mm
115 mm
40 gr

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