Conic 30cl
  • Conic 30cl
  • Conic 30cl

Conic 30cl

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Pack of 126 pcs

Hard plastic polycarbonate glass for medium-sized beer, halfway between the classic 20cl and 40cl formats.

The most used reusable glass for events, demonstrations and beer festivals

The Conic 30 has a wide setting so it provides a great grip while drinking.

Perfect for serving beer in all those places where it is necessary or preferable to have a plastic glass.


Pack of 126 pcs

Following the constant request from the Beverage sector for a medium-sized beer glass, i.e. larger than the classic 20 cl small beer format and smaller than the 40 cl beer, a new glass was born to meet the needs of an intermediate capacity.

It is unbreakable, reusable and used with logo during events to address the indiscriminate use of disposable cups.

Sold as a gadget or given for a deposit, it is the best way to manage plastic at events

The plastic beer glass has some unique features:

Maintains beer temperature longer than glass tumbler

By rinsing them thoroughly with cold water before use, you avoid excessive foaming during tapping. The thin film of water that remains on the walls of the glass facilitates the flow of the beer, avoiding the formation of excess foam.

It allows the service of beer even in particularly crowded places (such as events), avoiding the risk of breakages that would occur with glass glasses

The conical line allows the beer to bring out its precious aromas and perfumes, amplifying its taste.

Sold in packs of 126 pcs.

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Customizable with a minimum of 250 pcs

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Data sheet

Capacità al bordo
400 ml (40 cl)
Capacità di Servizio
330 ml / 350 ml (33 cl / 35 cl)
Diametro superiore
82 mm
Diametro inferiore
60 mm

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