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Coppa Martini Fast

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Pack of 100 pcs

The Coppa Martini Fast (Doppia Coppia Martini) glasses, with a thickness of 1.8 mm and a weight of 45 g, are made of hard polycarbonate-type plastic.

Available with transparent stem and with black stem.

Colore Gambo: Trasparente

For a very small additional cost you can have a reusable Double Martini Glass for the price of a disposable glass. Available in two versions, with transparent stem and with black stem.

Its advantages:

It can be used during parties, events, in crowded places etc. where the use of glass glasses is prohibited

It is as thick as a glass cup, but costs little more than a disposable cup

It is dishwasher safe and therefore you can save significantly on the purchase of disposable glasses

You can keep the stem and wash only the transparent glass and, once unusable, purchase only the replacement glass

The greater thickness of the stem and the glass allow you to prepare cocktails with greater peace of mind compared to a disposable glass

Sold in packs of 100 pcs.

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Customizable with a minimum of 1000 pcs

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60 mm