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Custom Easy Line PP

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Polypropylene glasses are highly appreciated in the organization of an event as they represent a valid solution in the event of events lasting several days.

With high thicknesses and high quality raw materials, they guarantee prolonged use (several months), without fear of falls or repeated washing in the dishwasher

Economical, rigid and reusable for a long time, it is the perfect glass for your events

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Quantità: 1000 pz

Easy Line cups in polypropylene (weight 40 g) at the cost of a disposable one (weight approximately 19 g)

Saving appropriately is already a gain.

There are very thin glasses on the market that can deform or break during events. That type of glass with a weight of around 19 g has the disadvantage of quickly deforming when washed in the dishwasher and of being excessively soft (with the inconvenience of causing the drink comes out if you squeeze it even a little)

The Easy Line glass has several advantages:

- It is cheap. With a few cents more than a disposable glass you can have a reusable glass for months (count how much an evening with disposable glasses costs you and multiply it by at least 4/5 months. You will realize that the reusable glass allows you to save on management costs)

- It is much thicker and heavier than the mistakenly called reusable glasses, and is therefore considerably more rigid

- There is no risk of the drink spilling out if the glass is crushed

- Perfectly washable in the dishwasher

- Conveniently stackable without annoying joints with other glasses

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Data sheet

Capacità al bordo
400 ml (40 cl)
Capacità di Servizio
330 ml / 350 ml (33 cl / 35 cl)
Diametro superiore
83 mm
Diametro inferiore
60 mm
122 mm
40 gr

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