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Easy Line Clear

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Pack of 224 pcs

The Granity from the Easy Line series is a brand new reusable plastic cup (weight 55 g) perfect for events

Unlike glasses proposed as reusable, but in reality very thin and light, this product does not deform if crushed, does not become opaque in the dishwasher and can be reused for months

Pack of 224 pcs

Economical but durable plastic cup for events, produced from a high quality raw material (the same as the blender bells) which guarantees excellent resistance to impacts and is unrivaled when it comes to washing in the dishwasher.

There are very thin and therefore disposable glasses on the market which, however, are sometimes washed in the dishwasher and have the disadvantage of quickly ruining after a few washes.

 The Easy Line glass, exclusively for Sky Glass, has several advantages:

- Economic!! With a few cents more than a disposable glass you can have a reusable glass for months (count how much an evening with disposable glasses costs you and multiply it by at least 4/5 months. You will realize that the reusable glass allows you to save on management costs)

- It is much thicker and heavier than disposable and what they mistakenly call reusable cups, and is therefore noticeably more rigid

- Not deformable like disposable cups

- Perfectly washable in the dishwasher

- Conveniently stackable without annoying joints with other glasses

Sold in packs of 224 pcs.

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Customizable with a minimum of 250 pcs

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Data sheet

Capacità al bordo
400 ml (40 cl)
Capacità di Servizio
330 ml / 350 ml (33 cl / 35 cl)
Diametro superiore
83 mm
Diametro inferiore
60 mm
122 mm

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