Double Rox - 35 cl
  • Double Rox - 35 cl

Double Rox - 35 cl

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Pack of 120 pcs

The Double Rox plastic glasses are practical and convenient to stack and have been designed with a size and capacity such as to offer a single model for preparing all drinks.

All our glasses are reusable for months and resist washing in the dishwasher without problems of clouding or deformation

Sold in transparent, satin versions (and possibly in polypropylene on request)


Pack of 120 pcs

The transparent version is completely similar to a glass tumbler and is used in places where it is no longer possible to use glass by choice or by municipal ordinances and at the same time you want to give a product of similar aesthetic quality

Mostly used to combine the larger capacities of the Granity 40 and smaller ones of the Rox 29 cl in a single solution

This way you save space and work execution time (not having to choose between different glass models)

Sold in packs of 120 pcs.

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Check the measurements and capacity in the "Product Details" tab

Customizable with a minimum of 250 pcs

Check capacities and measurements in the "Product Details" TAB and any data sheet


Data sheet

Capacità al bordo
Capacità di Servizio
300 ml / 330 ml (30 cl / 33 cl)
Diametro superiore
Diametro inferiore
60 mm
60 gr

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